Graduate Exhibition 2022
Kunstakademie Düsseldorf

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fig. de oidn leit (Mutter und Vater)
engraving on double hot plate
30x50 cm

(Other artworks shown in the installation shot by Orestis Vlachos, Simon Wienk-Borgert & Franziska Schmitz)


Whatever I know, I know through Youtube
inkjet print, watercolor, acrylic paint, pencil, masking tape, paper, foam board
ongoing series of collages, each 70x100 cm


It takes you 24 minutes to get from Alicja Kwade’s exhibition of handmade stones (rated 4,5/5 stars based on 288 Google reviews) to the edge of Germany’s largest surface mine (2,7/5 stars according to 163 visitors) and it’s a magical materialist farm to table moment that accurately exemplifies the geological concept of the rock cycle as well as the anthropological understanding of culture.
FullHD-Video, Color, Sound, 11:35 min